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Beef rendang

Published on November 9, 2017
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Stick a big bowl of this aromatic beef rendang from Ryan Mather of Kahuna Restaurant in Newquay in the centre of the table for your next informal family feast

Beef rendang

Serves 4-6

You will need

Beef shin 1kg

For the spice paste:
Ground turmeric ½ tsp
Ground coriander 1 tbsp
Ground cumin 1 tbsp
Kashmiri chilli powder 1-2 tbsp
Shrimp paste 1 tsp
Fish sauce 2 tbsp
Lemongrass stems 1 bunch, finely chopped
Kaffir lime leaves 10, finely chopped
Garlic 5 cloves, finely chopped
Shallots 4, finely chopped
Galangal/Thai ginger 1 thumbsized piece, finely chopped
Coconut or vegetable oil for frying
Coconut milk 1 ltr
Beef stock 300ml
Palm sugar 1-2 tsp, grated
Sea salt and ground pepper to taste


  1. For the spice paste: blend together the turmeric, coriander, cumin, chilli powder, shrimp paste, fish sauce, lemongrass, lime leaves, garlic, shallots and ginger.
  2. Dice the beef into cubes and marinate in the spice mix for 2–24 hours.
  3. Heat a good amount of vegetable or coconut oil in a heavy bottomed pan until it is bubbling. Add the beef and fry for 3–5 minutes.
  4. Add in the coconut milk, beef stock, palm sugar and season with salt and pepper.
  5. Cook on a low heat for 2–5 hours, stirring occasionally.
  6. When the beef is tender and falling apart, and the consistency of the sauce is thick, then you know it’s ready.
  7. Serve the rendang with jasmine rice.

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