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Cumin and almond shortbread

Published on August 5, 2014
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cumin and almond shortbread

This cumin and almond shortbread is excellent served with rich chocolate desserts

You will need

  • Butter 500g
  • Castor sugar 1½ cups
  • Cornflour 2 cups
  • Plain flour 4 cups
  • Freshly ground cumin 3 tsp
  • Ground almonds ¾ cup


1. Cream butter and sugar together.

2. Mix in both the flours and the cumin. When mixed, add the ground almonds.

3. Knead to a firm dough but be careful not to overwork the mix or it will toughen.

4. Roll out to a thickness of 3mm, shape with desired pastry cutter and bake in a moderate oven 180°c/gas 4 until lightly coloured.

5. Remove from oven,place on a rack and sprinkle with unrefined castor sugar, then allow to cool.

Chef’s tip: ‘Excellent served with rich chocolate desserts, cream based desserts such as brulees, or great in the winter to accompany warm fruit compotes,’ says Phil Thomas, head chef of Rosewarne Manor

Rosewarne Manor, Gwinear Road, Connor Downs, Cornwall, TR27 5JQ

01209 610414

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