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Easter gourmet gift guide

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On the hunt for the ultimate Easter gift? Bypass the BOGOFs, banish the big brands and don’t even think of swapping the good stuff for cash. We got the lowdown on the South West’s finest chocolate eggs from the cocoa gurus at Chococo in Exeter


For the serious chocolate lover … Madagascan MegaMilk

One of the UK’s first ever ‘darkmilk’ eggs, the MegaMilk is a Madagascan mash-up for the ultimate chocolate connoisseur. Handmade with single origin milk choc containing 65% cocoa solids, you’ll find vibrant red berry flavours along with silky smooth caramel undertones in this stylish egg with just 8% added sugar.

For the coffee aficionado … Dark Chocolate & Coffee Bean Egg

67% Madagascan dark chocolate meets rich Colombian roasted coffee in this seriously sophisticated Easter gift. Harbouring a bundle of dark chocolate covered coffee beans in the belly of a lightly dusted copper exterior, vegans can get in on this edible action too.

For the future foodie … Dinosaur Studded Egg

Inspired by Chococo’s Jurassic Coast heritage, dig deep into this marbled Venezuelan milk chocolate egg and little chocolate lovers will discover two mini dark and white choc dinosaurs and ammonites. Pop this in the annual eggscavation and aspiring paleontologists and dino dudes will strike gold.

For the sweet-toothed saviour … Sea Salt Caramel Filled Egg 

This shimmering gold ovum may look too good to eat but break its milk chocolate shell and you’ll find a swell of award winning sea salt caramels. Made with Cornish smoked sea salt and dark chocolate cocoa, these petit pods of liquid joy are the ultimate Easter indulgence.

Pick up any of Chococo’s indulgent chocolate eggs at the Exeter shop or bag ’em online here

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