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Insider's Guide: Storing different types of wine

Published on September 29, 2015
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Storing and serving wine is complicated business, so we got the inside scoop on the best way to store everything from your nifty Sauvignon Blanc to your finest Dom Pérignon

Wine bottles

With an endless array of wine types, regions and varieties, you’d think storing wine would be tricky business huh? Which ones to keep cool? What’s the perfect temperature? Should they be upright or lying down? Just thinking about it, we’re reaching for the cork screw.

So to soak up all this confusion, we asked Micaela Kurtsson of the Wine Storage Company for some pointers on how to best store wine – whether red, white, rosé or fizzy. And it turns out we’re getting flustered for no reason whatsoever as ALL wines should be stored at twelve degrees. It’s as simple as that – kind of.

‘It’s common to mix up the two concepts of serving temperature and storage temperature,’ explains Micaela. ‘The storage temperature is the temperature at which the wine will age and flourish over a longer period of time, whereas the serving temperature is the temperature at which the wine will taste the best.’

So now we know the perfect temperature, how do we achieve the cool twelve degrees our bottles crave? ‘For a long term storage, if you don’t have a cellar, you could invest in a wine cabinet,’ suggests Micaela. ‘A genuine wine cabinet takes full consideration of the five golden rules of wine storage; constant temperature, eliminating odours and vibrations, blocking out light and providing ideal humidity.’

And when that special occasion beckons and you want to crack open a bottle or two from your stockpile, we’ve got Micaela to let us in on her serving secrets. ‘As a rule, sweet wines should be served between 5-6 °C, dry whites at 7-10 °C, rosé at 9-10 °C, light reds at 11-13 °C and red wines at 16-19°C,’ she explains. ‘If all these numbers are a little daunting, look into investing in a multi-function cabinet – designed to store wines while also providing two different serving zones; a colder one and a warmer one, in the same cabinet.’ Sounds like the perfect solution for us lazy wine lovers.

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