Ben's Cornish Kitchen

Family-run bistro specialising in seasonal produce and lip-smacking wines

Ben Prior was a brave man, moving to Cornwall and opening a restaurant in the depths of winter at the height of the recession; but, eight years down the line, he has created an award-winning foodie haven in the heart of a coastal community.

Many restaurants like to call themselves ‘family run’, but in the case of Ben’s Cornish Kitchen, it really is – 100 per cent. From the beginning it’s always been Ben, his brother Toby as sous chef and mum Jayne, who he describes as “the glue holding us all together”. Even best friend Rob George is on hand with front of house.

Defying every traditional norm for Cornwall, they open daily, summer and winter, and it’s rare, very rare, to find Ben not in the kitchen.

As you’ll have guessed by now, Ben’s Cornish Kitchen is a passion for the Prior family and shows their devotion to, not just great food but also warm hospitality. Ben’s exciting, contemporary menu uses produce from the surrounding area – seafood naturally, but also meats and game. Dishes are always evolving, with new flavour combinations and global influences and are good value, whether you’re stopping for a light lunch or laid-back dinner. The wine list shows the same expert care and value for money – it’s personally chosen by Ben.

With its whitewashed stone walls, wooden flooring and simple furniture, this is a characterful place to eat; it’s a neighbourhood bistro, Cornish-style, and totally in keeping with Ben’s mission to create a place for people to come with friends, eat fabulous seasonal food and without doubt, have a good time.

West End, Marazion, Cornwall, TR17 0EL

01736 719200

Chef patron: Ben Prior

Sample menu


Provençal style fish and crab stew


Smoked venison loin, sausage roll, salt baked celeriac, beetroot pâté, creamed kale, jus


Burnt orange and chocolate pave, cardamom ice cream

Two course dinner £29, 3 course £35

Insider’s tips

Just a stone’s throw from the restaurant is the causeway to St Michael’s Mount – make sure to check the tide times before a trip!

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