Ham Hill Cider

Four Somerset sons with a passion for the press

How many obsessions start with a simple idea? For four sons of Somerset it was visiting the area’s old orchards, deciding to pick a few of the apples and turning them into cider that led to an unerring passion for the press.

Today, the heritage of the lush green Somerset landscape still fires up the fab four’s fervour to make artisan cider from 100 per cent freshly pressed cider apples.

Ham Hill is the iconic backdrop to the traditional orchards where Chris Worledge, Simon Worledge, Neil Chapillon and Mark Edmonds create their deliciously appley-smooth ciders, rich in both heritage and flavour.

The selection of ciders are handmade at Flaxdrayton Farm using only vintage Somerset varieties like Redstreak, Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey and Stoke.

‘We use only traditionally grown apples from standard trees,’ says Chris. ‘These trees produce apples which are naturally depleted in nutrients. This helps our ciders to ferment very slowly, gaining greater depth of flavour along the way.

‘We don’t use any chemicals or fertilizers in our orchards and, for the majority of the year, the grass is maintained by grazing sheep.’

The results can be imbibed in glorious craft ciders, ranging from the rich deep award-winning Ham Hill Dry and the smooth fruity Oak Medium to the crisp full-bodied Ham Hill Medium and tangy Early Drop.

‘Our ciders are made with slowly fermented 100 per cent fresh pressed juice, producing the full-flavoured contemporary ciders we enjoy,’ adds Chris. ‘We allow the quality of our fruit to dictate the quality of our ciders.’

The Cider Cellar, Flaxdrayton Farm, Drayton, South Petherton, Somerset, TA15 3LR


Owners: Chris Worledge, Simon Worledge, Neil Chapillon & Mark Edmonds

Cider varieties: Oak Medium abv. 6.2%, Dry abv. 6.5%, Medium abv. 6.5%, First Drop abv. 6%

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