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Newlyn octopus with roasted tomatoes

Published on July 19, 2018
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On a remote beach on the Roseland Peninsula, The Hidden Hut‘s feast nights are a firm foodie fave. We caught a taste of the hut’s alfresco vibes when Simon Stallard shared his recipe for octopus with roasted tomatoes

Newlyn octopus and roasted tomatoes

Serves 4

You will need

Octopuses 3-4, cleaned
Olive oil 2 tbsp
Lemon 1, zest and 1 tbsp juice
Sherry vinegar 1 tbsp
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to season


Cherry tomatoes on the vine 500g
Garlic bulb 1, cloves peeled and halved
Lemon 1, cut into wedges
Olive oil 2 tbsp, plus extra for drizzling
Basil leaves a good handful, ripped


  1. Put the octopuses in a large saucepan of salted water over a high heat and bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 45-50 minutes until tender right through when tested with a knife. Remove the pan from the heat and leave them to cool in the water in the pan for another 15 minutes.
  2. For the roasted tomatoes: preheat the oven to 240°c / gas 9. Take the tomatoes off the vine and put them on a baking tray. Add the garlic and lemon wedges. Drizzle everything with a good glug of olive oil and toss to coat well. Roast for 15 minutes or until the tomatoes are beginning to collapse and the garlic has softened.
  3. Meanwhile, take the tentacles off each octopus – slice them if they are really big. Slice the bodies into rings. Put everything in a bowl and add the olive oil, lemon zest and juice, sherry vinegar and a teaspoon of salt, then toss to coat well.
  4. Heat a griddle pan until burning hot. Spread the octopus out on the griddle and sear for 5 minutes, turning regularly.
  5. Transfer the tomatoes, garlic and lemons to a serving platter using a slotted spoon. Add the olive oil to the juices in the baking tray and mix together to make a dressing. Season to taste, drizzle the juices over the platter and sprinkle on the ripped basil leaves. Top with the charred octopus and serve.

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