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Spring forward

Published on April 16, 2015
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Spring has sprung so it’s time to throw open the windows, dust off the throws, update worn out kitchen gadgets and bring in the scent of freshly cut flowers. Our kitchen ed, Janelle Edwards-Spear, shares her top practical picks from our backyard of the South West.


Simple and effective

The Grand Illusions tray of bottles (pictured above) is a great way to add seasonal vibrancy to the kitchen. Available at Darts Farm in Topsham, these vases are perfect for the window sill,  just add your favourite blooms.

Spring clean

Traditional non-toxic cleaning remedies are on the rise. We like Mangle and Wringer’s Kitchen Cleanser, safe to use on the most sensitive of worktops and great for removing tarnish on silver.

Floral fancies

Micro floral is a macro trend this year. Add blooming loveliness with wild flowers inspired tea towels, designed by Nathalie Lete and exclusive to Avenida Home in Bath.

Rangemoors gas range cooker

Green with envy

This is a biggie, but if there’s one way to give your kitchen a bit of real wow factor, a colourful range cooker has to be it. The Esse Cat gas range cooker (pictured above) comes in other colours too.

Blooming lovely

‘Freshly cut greenery and flowers provide a feeling that spring is finally here,’ says Janelle. ‘We asked Ron Colbie, senior florist at Passion in Bath, to give us his insider’s tips on bringing flowers into the kitchen this season.’

‘Tulips are great for the kitchen as they epitomise spring and are not scented, letting the food be the focus. To keep flowers fresh, clean the vessel and water daily, cut them on an angle to allow the flower to take up more water, and make sure there’s no foliage in the vessel,’ says Ron.

Ashgrove Kitchens

Full steam ahead

The return of spring gets us thinking about cooking and eating more lightly, and there’s no better way than steaming. These days a kitchen ain’t a kitchen without a steam oven. Use it for rice, spring greens and fish and keep your food’s essential vitamins and minerals right where they should be. We like the Miele steam oven (pictured above), available from Ashgrove Kitchens.

Butter ’em up

Add a splash of colour to your cookware with the colourful utensil range from Colourworks. Just about every kitchen gadget is available in this heat resistant non stick collection. Prices from £4.50 and available at Spillers Cookshop in Chard.

A full version of this article was published in the April 2015 issue of Food Magazine, read it online here.

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