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Sweet potato and pumpkin seed bread recipe

Published on August 5, 2014
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Pumpkin bread

Baker Tom introduces us to one of his favourite quirky bread recipes

Makes 1 loaf

You will need

  • Strong white flour 500g
  • Water 215g, room temperature
  • Yeast 10g
  • Salt 10g
  • Sweet potato mash 200g
  • Toasted pumpkin seeds 100g


  1. Toast the pumpkin seeds for 8–10 minutes in a medium oven, and let them cool.

  2. Mix the flour, salt, yeast, cooked potatoes, and toasted pumpkin seeds, then add the water. You may need to add a little more flour or water depending on how wet the potato is.

  3. Mix all the ingredients well to form a dough. Turn it out onto a work surface – it should be sticky. Knead well for 10 minutes. The dough will feel elastic, silky and smooth when ready.

  4. Leave the dough to rest in a bowl for 1 hour, covered.

  5. After an hour, shape the dough and place onto a baking tray. Pre-heat the oven to 220°c/gas 7.

  6. Leave the bread for another hour or until doubled in size. Slash the top of the bread and cook in a preheated oven for 35-45 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

Chef’s tip: ‘There’s nothing more comforting than sweet potato and pumpkin seed bread as a toasted tea time treat,’ says Tom Hazzledine of BakerTom

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