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The meat maestro's top cuts for the barbecue

Published on June 24, 2019
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2019 is the summer of offbeat barbecue cuts, says Jack Cook of Wiltshire’s Walter Rose & Son butchers

Walter Rose & Son

Pork sparerib (on the bone)

Known to Americans as a boston butt, this beautiful cut lends itself to a low and slow session on the barbecue. For the ultimate Sunday supper: rub the pork with seasoning, pop it on the grill, cover, head off on a nice long walk – preferably with a pit stop at the pub – and then return to dinner almost done. Simply shred once cooked and serve with deli-style coleslaw and a big salad.

Lamb shoulder (on the bone)

Just like pork, a lamb shoulder should be cooked slowly. You’ll know when it’s done as it will fall off the bone; then shred and serve in flatbreads with tzatziki to cut through the fattiness off the meat.

Beef rump cap (picanha)

In Brazil, the picanha cut sells for more than fillet – take this as your tip off to enjoy the succulent rump cap before your local butcher gets the memo. For a 180g fillet, simply cook on the barbecue for 45 minutes, season and allow to rest for a few minutes before carving. Serve with chimichurri sauce and try not to dribble.

Pork loin steaks

It’s a myth that you need to cook pork past the point of no return. Season well and barbecue in the same way that you would sirloin steak. Provided that you use high-quality meat which has been matured to around eight months before slaughter, you can’t go wrong.

Duck hearts

Before you turn your nose up, hear me out. Duck hearts are addictive and full of flavour with a surprisingly great texture. Any good butcher should have them in stock, just make sure they’re super fresh. Simply season or marinate and grill on a medium heat for 15 minutes.

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