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5 ingredients for new vegans

Published on January 8, 2019
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Giving Veganuary a go? Mike Francis, head chef at The Scarlet in Mawgan Porth, shares his top five ingredients to make the meat-free transition easier

The Scarlet

Gram flour

Higher in protein than regular wheat flour, this gluten-free find is a great ingredient for savoury staples such as pancakes, pakoras or flatbread. It also makes a good swap for eggs in vegan baking.

Agar Agar

Going plant-based doesn’t have to mean giving up ice cream, cheesecake and jelly. This natural thickener – made from algae – also makes a wicked vegan rice pudding.


Bean curd products are a free-from novice’s new best friend. The versatile ingredient can be used as a substitute for meat in a multitude of dishes – think curries, stir fries and casseroles – while the silken variety works wonders in desserts like crème brûlée.

Coconut cream and nut milk

Add cruelty-free creaminess to sauces, smoothies and ice cream with dairy-free milks and coconut cream.

Flax seeds

Packed with nutritious goodness, flax seeds are another useful alternative to eggs when rustling up showstopping bakes. We use them at The Scarlet to create the chocolate fudge torte which features on our new vegan tasting menu.

Inspired? Mike has created a five course vegan tasting menu for The Scarlet’s Spring Gourmet Getaway which launches this April.


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