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From chutney and sauces, to roast trimmings and pickled eggs

Savoury bread and butter pudding recipe
Camembert and caramelised onion put a savoury spin on this comforting side dish
Make-ahead gravy recipe
Having a few meat options on the table for Christmas lunch? This gravy works deliciously well with turkey, goose or beef
The Real Cure chorizo jam, homemade food and drink gifts
Whip up this glorious jam for Christmas gifting or as a bombshell addition to your own festive cheeseboard
Chorizo brioche with onion compote
This rich brioche makes a decadent treat for breaking bread before a meal
Beetroot with ricotta, raspberry vinegar and wild rice
Serve this vibrant beetroot dish as a side or as part of a veggie mezze
Albondigas Spanish tapas dish
These flavour-packed Spanish meatballs make the perfect tapas dish
Brussel sprouts with kale and almonds
We're of the belief that boiling sprouts should be made a fineable offence
Roasted cauliflower with tahini and maple dressing
This must-make cauliflower dish is a firm favourite at Food HQ
Romesco sauce
Serve this romesco sauce with grilled fish, meat or veggies
Serve this chorizo jam with seafood or on your next cheese board
Kimchi recipe
James Nathan shares his kimchi recipe
Tomatillos hail from Central and South America and look like unripe tomatoes
Pickled baby courgettes
Preserve your summer glut with Naomi Devlin's pickled baby courgettes recipe
Wild garlic pesto
Richard Massey shares his recipe for wild garlic pesto which he spikes with fiery chorizo for a twist on the classic condiment
Nathan Outlaw shares his comforting recipe for braised leeks with mustard dressing
Prawn, chilli and potato salad
Nathan Outlaw shares his recipe for prawn, chilli and potato salad
Looking for a new kitchen project? Try Steven Lamb's DIY dry-cured streaky bacon
Cod roe dip
Zack Hawke shares his recipe for smoked cod roe dip
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