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Cordial is given a grown-up glow-up in these low-buzz softies from Cordiality in Bath

What is it?

Low-ABV cordials created by female-founded drinks brand Cordiality. The range includes three fruity flavours: rhubarb, ginger and thyme; blackberry, lime and lavender; and peach, pear and bay.


Smart low-alcohol beers are now, happily, a regular sight but it’s still surprisingly tricky to find decent low-alcohol alternatives to spirits, especially if you’re looking for something that doesn’t contain a sea of sugar, preservatives and additives.

Seeing a gap in the market for low-alc drinks that give the drinker a feelgood buzz but without there being a price to pay next morning (goodbye hangxeity), co-founders Jamillah Booty and Tine Stapelfeldt established Cordiality in 2023. Together the duo are squashing the idea that cordials are for little ones, or a lack-lustre alternative to full-whack spirits and mixers.

The low-down

Reflecting the abundant orchards, hedgerows and kitchen gardens of the South West, Cordiality cordials are blended in small batches using natural fruit and herb flavourings, with organic agave syrup for subtle sweetness. Compared to many alcoholic drinks, they’re also a low-calorie option at 39 calories per 25ml serving.

We’d recommend drinking Cordiality one of four ways: mixing with chilled sparkling water and ice, pouring onto shaved ice for an adults-only slushie, serving neat and chilled for an intense shot, or topped up with a dash of sparkling wine or Champagne.


Order a taster pack for £40 to roadtest the range via a 20cl bottle of each flavour. Alternatively, dive straight in with a 70cl bottle for £38.

Ordering deets

Order straight from the website.

Recommend to a friend?

Absolutely. Especially those that still bring Belvoir or Bottlegreen to garden parties.

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