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Hannah Black

The head chef of Platform 1 in Dartmouth reveals the essential tools for running a successful seafood restaurant anywhere in the world
Hannah Black and chef in Dartmouth

Hannah Black, head chef of Platform 1 in Dartmouth, reveals why a sharp knife, footstool and tweezers are essential tools for running a successful seafood restaurant anywhere in the world

Which kitchen item couldn’t you live without?

My tweezers are brilliant when it comes to fiddly details, and help with precision when plating up delicate things like micro herbs.

What do you listen to in the kitchen?

I love dance music. My sous chef and I like to listen to 90s hits to get us into the mood for evening service. You have to have music in the kitchen.

What’s your craziest kitchen experience?

When I was in Australia, we had to prep 100kg mahi mahi and tuna fish. They were massive – bigger than some of the chefs. We were prepping them the Japanese way, including chopping their scales off , which meant having to stand on a footstool to get to the top of them. Each fish took about 30 minutes.

Your most-read recipe book?

Anything by Nathan Outlaw – I asked my boyfriend for his new book for Christmas. I love his simple no-frills recipes where the flavour of the fish shines through.

Favourite place to eat out?

Here in Dartmouth, I like the modern European cooking at Andria. Further from home, I recently had a fantastic meal at Fallow Restaurant in London which specialises in creative sustainable dining.

Best staycation spot?

If I am going to travel anywhere it’s going to be Asia. I love the way of life there and how honest and authentic the food is; nothing is processed or mucked about with.

Guilty food pleasure?

Salt and pepper chicken wings from the Chinese takeaway – you really can’t go wrong.

Top tip for prepping seafood?

Practise, practise, practise! My dad’s a trawlerman from Brixham so I have been around fish all my life. The cardinal rule is to get yourself a really good sharp knife and then keep practising until you become really dextrous with it.

Desert island meal?

I love a thai green curry. It’s the kind of food I love to cook at home and I make it at least twice a week.

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