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Ryan Mather of Kahuna

Ryan Mathers, chef patron at Kahuna in Newquay, talks pet hates, food trends and memorable moments
Ryan Mathers, Kahuna

Ryan Mathers, chef patron at Kahuna in Newquay, talks pet hates, food trends and memorable moments

What’s the one kitchen item you couldn’t live without?

A good quality wok. It’s so versatile.

Happiest foodie memories?

That would be while working as a chef in Australia in 2001. They seemed so far ahead of us in all aspects of cookery and presentation; Australasian food blew me away.

What do you like to eat in other people’s restaurants?

Pizza is my favourite (although it has to be thin, crispy and very spicy) and I also like American diner/smokehouse-style food.

Pet hates when eating out?

Overcooked and under-seasoned dishes, plus having to wait longer than a few minutes for a drink. I don’t get out much nowadays and I love an ice cold beer in my hand as quickly as possible.

It’s also good to get a check back from the waiting staff for each course and a smile. If you’re not happy in your job, don’t do it.

Favourite pub?

The Mermaid Inn on Porth Beach – it’s my local. It has amazing views and serves lots of locally produced drinks.

Like to have supper with?

The comedian Joe Rogan because he’s intellectual, funny and inspirational. I’d also like a dinner party with all my old school friends because, sadly, we never get to hang out much now we’re grown-ups.

Wish you’d known 10 years ago?

Treat every day as a fresh start and don’t dwell on negatives. You’ll never please everyone in this industry; if comments are genuinely helpful, use them to improve. If not, forget it and move on.

Which food trend would you rather forget?

Balsamic reduction in a squeezy bottle.

What’s hot at the moment?

Veganism, CBD oil and sour flavours.

Memorable moments at the restaurant?

Nathan Outlaw and his family visiting our restaurant on numerous occasions and then mentioning us in The Sunday Times as one of his favourite places to eat in Cornwall. Not only a huge compliment but also a helpful push onto the foodie radar.

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