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Raising the bar: Oktoberfest

Published on September 25, 2019
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Dirndl-clad girls and lederhosen-sporting guys will gather across Germany this October to gorge on brathendl (fried chicken) and guzzle copious amounts of beer. Can’t get there? Lou Treseder of Driftwood Spars in St Agnes, Cornwall, shares tips on how to create your own Oktoberfest at home

Raising the Bar

‘To host your own beer fest for you and your friends, gather a variety of beers and encourage people to try something new and share a bottle or three,’ says Louise.

‘As with all beer tastings, you’ll want to start with something light (both in flavour and ABV) before progressing to beers with more interesting profiles as you move through the evening.

‘Most breweries can send you a case of mixed beer if you order online. Or go to a local beer shop where staff can guide you through a selection of cans or bottles.’

Check out Lou’s five fave finds for sharing

  1. Eight Arch Brewing Co. in Dorset has some interesting beers. For a tropical fruity IPA try Corbel which is brewed with massive amounts of mosaic hops from the US.
  2. Squid Ink (Black IPA) by XT Brewing Co. is made with nine malts and is a very special beer for the drinker who wants something a bit different. This is NOT a stout: it’s something else entirely and offers a big malt aroma on a bitter balanced hop finish.
  3. Low Lode (0.7 per cent ABV) by Driftwood Spars Brewery is deceptively tasty for a low alcohol beer: full flavoured with a chocolate and caramel background and fruity hops.
  4. Imperial Stout (9 per cent ABV) by Gloucester Brewery is a punchy beer described as ‘rich, smooth and warming, with aromas of roasted coffee and sultanas’.
  5. Rauchbier by Schlenkerla is interesting and the first sip takes you by surprise. Persevere, though, and you’ll be in for a delightful umami drink.

Driftwood Spars’ beer festival runs from October 18-20 celebrating ale, cider and live music.


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