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Fussels flavoured rapeseed oils

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Jo Rees roadtests Fussels flavoured rapeseed oils

What is it?

Rapeseed is a viable alternative to olive oil that can be sustainably grown in the UK. Although it’s generally pretty neutral in flavour – especially when compared with olive oil – Fussels cold-presses its rapeseed to retain some of its natural earthy, nutty flavour.

This mild flavour makes it a good base for other flavours, which is what the Somerset growers have done with this new spin off. Infusing rapeseed oil with chilli, garlic and smoke results in oils that provide a quick and effective dash of flavour to dishes – especially dressings and roasties.


While it’s not got the sun-kissed Mediterranean glow of brand olive oil, rapeseed’s rich golden colour, nutty flavour and other benefits make it worth considering for regular inclusion to your diet.

Rapeseed oil can be heated to a higher temperature than olive oil and, because it can be grown in the UK, it delivers the carbon benefits of not having to be transported all the way from Italy or Spain. However, probably the most important reason for using rapeseed oil is its very high level of healthful Omega 3s.

The benefits that Omega 3s offer the body is immense – from being great for heart health to being important for eyes, useful for good mental health and a powerful tool for fighting inflammation (implicated in all manner of long-term conditions).  

Fussels flavoured oils

The low-down

From sowing to cold-pressing and bottling, oil production is overseen by Andy Fussel on the family farm in Somerset.  


The trio of 250ml bottles costs £12 from the Fussels webshop and is also available at good independent shops and delis.

Value for money

It’s more expensive than the industrially produced olive oils you’ll find in the supermarket, but cheaper than the quality extra-virgin olive oils to which it’s best compared.


The bottles look attractive in the kitchen (no need to hide them away in a dark cupboard) and come in recyclable glass with metal caps.

Recommend to a friend?

Once they’ve tried your smoked-rapeseed-oil roasties, they’ll be clamouring for the deets.

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