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FOOD Lifestyle Summer 2024 cover - Hazel McNab
FOOD Lifestyle SUmmer 2024, Sandy Brown, Artist
FOOD Lifestyle – Summer 2024
Issue 201

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Discover the hospitable charms and inviting extras at this historic hotel on the edge of the Cornish capital



Seasonal recipes

Barbecued leg of lamb
The zesty marinade for this butterflied leg of lamb is perfect for spring
Nettle soup
Forage for stinging nettles and wild garlic then reap the rewards in this vibrant soup packed full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
Lyme Bay Winery Mead Spritzer
Mead gets a makeover in this sweet, tart and effervescent cocktail which captures the honeyed days of summer
Blue cheese spring tart recipe by Emily Scott
Emily Scott recommends using Helford Blue in this glorious spring tart from her cookbook Time & Tide
The red berry flavours of Pen Sans Summer Cup pair perfectly with Trewithen's rich Cornish clotted cream in this easy-peasy no-churn recipe
Beetroot with ricotta, raspberry vinegar and wild rice
Serve this vibrant beetroot dish as a side or as part of a veggie mezze
Blackened mackerel
This blackened mackerel from Mark Hix is the perfect late-summer dish
Satay monkfish by Nathan Outlaw
Try this firecracker fish dish from Nathan Outlaw's new book, Fish for Dinner